Company name Qmarkets

The product Qmarkets Crowdsourcing & Citizen Engagement Platform for SmartCities Website

Qmarkets is an idea and innovation management software vendor, offering a host of products ideally suited for smart city and citizen engagement projects.

The flexible product suite offered by Qmarkets can be used by municipalities to crowdsource citizen insights for overcoming various challenges.

For example, insights can be gathered for infrastructural and transport projects, city planning, eco-friendly landscaping, community responsibility initiatives, and other activities that require citizen involvement. Scouting initiatives designed to pinpoint tech startup partnerships can also be facilitated using the platform.

In addition to innovation projects targeting citizens, the Qmarkets platform can be deployed to crowdsource ideas and foster collaboration internally. For example, city and government departments can use the platform to gather insights from employees, as well as foster greater engagement around municipality innovation, process improvement, and other projects.

Numerous municipalities authorities , GOV departments, as well as local or federal organisations from all around the world make use of Qmarkets’ suite of collective intelligence products. Among these:

  • Q-open: For citizen engagement and smart city crowdsourcing projects.
  • Q-ideate: For gathering and refining ideas submitted by civic employees.
  • Q-optimize: A continuous improvement tool municipalities can use to streamline internal workflows, processes and operational cost reduction goals.
  • Q-scout: A innovation scouting tool to manage scouting evaluation and collaboration with startup and entrepreneurs

Qmarkets’ software is used by government departments and councils around the world. The following are just a few examples:

  • Israel: Qmarkets’ software has been implemented by the city of Holon and in the Israeli Prime Ministers Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Israel Securities Authority, as well as in HealthIL and the National Companies Authority to solve Healthcare COVID-19 challenges.
  • North America: Qmarkets’ software has been implemented by The Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank, Fannie Mae, the Liberal Party of Canada, and more.
  • Europe: Qmarkets’ software has been implemented by Swisspost – the national postal service, and the second largest employer in Switzerland – and Bernmobil – the public transport operator in and around the Swiss capital city of Bern (one of the most popular public transport operators in Europe)
  • UK: Qmarkets’ software has been implemented by the National Health Service.
  • Australia: Qmarkets’ software has been implemented by the WA Department of Transport