Company name Be Strategic Solutions

The product BeST Website

BeST is a disruptive technology in the truest sense of the word. The software is actually revolutionizing the way organizations prepare themselves for complex decision making processes, and is enhancing organizations’ management capacities in unprecedented ways.

Our system focuses on decision makers and the processes they go through while dealing with different events. Together, our team has been able to build specific algorithms that analyze performance in real time and allow quick de-briefings, presenting the decision-making process graphically with unique insights. One of the main features of our software is the use of a simulation to answer clients’ strategic questions, therein improving organizations’ decision-making processes, while participants in the simulation process operate in a virtual surrounding which simulates future scenarios.

The unique interactive nature of the strategic gaming simulation creates a dynamic learning experience that by itself improves working and operational procedures, predicts future challenges, examines preparedness, trains organizations’ employees and examines new concepts & strategies.

In pilot stage  at Kfar Saba municipality.