Company name Future Education Ltd.

The product eSure Website

eSure is a mobile app that bridges between communities and the worlds of approvals & digital signatures. eSure is focused on the needs of education systems (formal/informal) and is approved by the Ministry of Education. The primary motivation is to reduce the administrative burden involved in approvals and signatures and to devote time and attention to the activity.

The solution is intuitive, simple, accessible, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Today, any contact with the community and in the community requires filling out forms/approvals/signatures:

• eSure is an app. that provides a comprehensive response in the community to the needs of approvals/collecting information/signatures.• eSure enables the entire parental approval process via mobile phone.
• eSure allows you to immediately and independently upload any form and convert it into a digital file (i.e., filling in details and signing with the option of attaching accompanying documents).
• eSure enables community connectivity and makes it possible for every individual in the community to be a part of it and support it and/or its members through an easy-to-use, friendly and accessible solution (BYOD).
• eSure encourages initiative by allowing each individual and/or factor in the community to interact with the community out of a need/desire to gather details/approvals/signatures (e.g., trips, events, individual support/groups with special needs, community development, etc.)
• eSure has three levels of users to enable support for populations under guardianship: adult-minor (parent-child); an individual with a disability-guardian, elderly-family member, etc.
• eSure produces systematicity and transparency regarding events/processes in the community that require feedback: formulating the requested information, addressing community members, receiving and storing the data, and compliance with required controls.
• eSure Management and Control Panel reflect in real-time the complete and accurate snapshot of each process/event and issues automated reminders to community members.

The solution is implemented in Jerusalem, Hod Hasharon, Givat Berner, Be’er Tuvia, and Emek Hefer municipalities.