Company name MalamTeam

The product MalamTeam Digital City Website

Digital Services for Smart City for better citizens experience and efficiency:

  1. Digital forms self-service including “ready package” of city forms
  2. Smart Bin solution – Real-time tracking, smarter routing
  3. SIEM-Eye – Cyber Security managed service for all
  4. Smart Transcription (eType) – Hebrew voice channel with public inquiries in the city, automatic transcription of videos and audio, better insight and personalization
  5. WhatsApp-based ChatBot integration with the municipality – a common use of the Z generation today
  6. Smart City Control and Unified Security – Video Analytics, Smart Campus (Energy Consumption and Entry Control), Integrate “Purple Regulation” Components such as: Automatic Heat Measurement, Filling Forms, Citizen Help Button
  7. Digital Citizen – Citizen 360 , Personal Area, Digital Club Management (Coupons, Personal notifications, etc.), Community Portal, Citizen Shared Activities, Collaboration
  8. Automation – Automate processes (Operational efficiency, “robotic” work 24/7)
  9. AI Smart decisions – Establishing a smart city data lake that integrates real-world data from all operational systems, running smart models and gaining insights from the information for enhancing citizens experience and city efficiency.
  10. Smart Infrastructure – Smart fiber infrastructure in the city for IoT using advanced and innovative networks such as: LoRa. Wireless network to enhance citizen experience – notifications by location, Internet access from anywhere.

MalamTeam’s solutions are deployed at Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Holon, Ashdod, Petah Tikva, Netanya