Company name D.S Raider Ltd.

The product EZRaider Website

Due to its unique features and characteristics, the EZRaider is widely used by local authorities as a personal mobility vehicle for supervision and patrols within the city, on the seashores, and in railway tunnels, as well as for the securing of facilities and compounds, and as a logistics vehicle.

The police use the EZRaider (e.g., Israeli Police force) for urban policing and as an emergency and rescue vehicle by the Israeli Home Front Command (and others around the world, e.g., Ministry of Emergency Situations in Azerbaijan), municipalities, and emergency organizations such as “United Hatzalah,” the Israel Railway Authority, the Light Railway (NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd), Israel Airport Authority, and more.

Due to its small dimensions and extraordinary all-terrain capabilities, the vehicle allows incredible ease of movement between dense crowds and narrow places in various terrains and locations.

EZRaider is deployed in various municipalities, such as Tel-Aviv, Modi’in, Ariel, Migdal Haemek, Haifa, Mate Binyamin, Maale Adumim, etc.