Company name Virtual Extension

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VEmesh IoT Extension to DALI solution (or E2D, for Ethernet to DALI) enables the use of luminaires with DALI drivers in a cloud controlled high performance wireless communication for both retrofit and new deployments, in smart lighting and smart city applications.

The choice of the DALI standard for luminaires and controls is usually for DALI benefiting from interchangeability, which is important especially in large and very large deployments. In such large employments the robustness of the wireless network is also paramount, and that’s precisely one of the areas that VEmesh IoT Extension to DALI (E2D) outshines the other systems around.

VEmesh E2D supports simultaneous operation of up to 250 E2D Networks, with each network supporting up to 16,000 x luminaries, to form a VEmesh E2D system for high performance and cost-effective wireless connectivity. Other models of Bridge Nodes support 1-10V (or 0-10V) analog drivers, or relays, or dry contacts, all following the respective DALI standards and targeting large lighting systems, such as citywide coverage. The outstanding feature of VEmesh products is a result of VEmesh wireless network high performance in terms of robustness and resiliency, combined with low latency for all the lamps turning on (and off) simultaneously.

This is the same VEmesh wireless technology defined as normative in IEC 62386-104 protocol for Wireless DALI standard. The high performance VEmesh protocol allows for using internal antennae in Bridge Nodes, with the result being faster and lower cost deployment, together with lower complexity of the luminaire for higher reliability of the system.

The solution is deployed at Herzliya, Metula, Gdera, Geva Binyamin, Or-Yehuda, Ma’alot, Hura, Tirat Carmel, Kiryat Sefer, Segev Shalom (Israel), Villa Nueva (Guatemala) , Thuringia (Germany), Southampton (UK) and more.