Company name GIV Solutions

The product GIV-CITY Website

GIV Solutions implements Smart City vision, through GIV–CITY™ solution. An innovative, integrative, business rules-based system that integrates information from various systems activities and data sources, the municipality and the residents. Holistic management of the infrastructure and resources available to the smart city in the most effective way, while monitoring and operating, optimizing infrastructure maintenance while assuring safety, provide the best service to the citizens, improve residents’ satisfaction and ensure continuous improvement in the quality of life in the city.

The equivalent of the human brain is the GIV-CITY City Management System. The cerebellum controls all the motoric functionality and accordingly in the smart city there is RT (real-time) control and control systems.

In analogy to the human body, there is neural conduction through a neural network, and in the Smart City there is a communication network in various options such as optical fiber, microwave, wireless, etc. Sensors in the Smart City acts like the human body sensors and detects anomalies views and insights continuously around us. One of the main advantages of GIV-CITY ™ is the ability to dynamic, changes according to city needs and within effective time constants and to function as a knowledge system, which improves over time continuously by adding rules by experts and with machine learning.

The system improves and empowers all levels of decision-makers and officials in the municipality and serves as a platform through which optimal management is carried out with continuous improvement.

The system manages the municipality assets, resources. Activities and operations with dozens of modules that covers all the municipality responsibilities. Utilizing advanced technologies (using various types of sensors, IOT, SCADA) for control and monitoring, proactively manage information and processes, budget management, management and control of subcontractors performance, and control & compliance with service agreements (SLA) as defined in the contracts.

GIV-CITY ™ with Infor EAM™ platform is successfully implemented at a number of clients, wins awards and is operational in Tel Aviv Municipality, “Mey-Avivim” municipal water corporation, Bat Yam Municipality, IDF Training City – Mabat LaNegev, Israel National Police Academy – Beit Shemesh and at Veridis which provides sanitation and recycle services nationwide.