Company name Mashcal

The product EcoCal Website

An innovative system based on IOT devices, assist local authorities in planning efficiently the waste collection, in an integrative way and sharing information with all users.

Sensors installed in waste bins, monitor the volume, temperature inside in underground bins, and transfer data in real time to a municipal cloud-based system.

Based on this information and according to the operational requirements of each municipality, the system calculates the optimal route for waste collection and enables updating the system in any given moment, according to reports from the field.

The waste collection crew use a dedicated waste collection application. The application presents the bins, whist it prioritizes those requires to be collected first, and displays the best waste collection on the truck driver’s mobile.

The system provides municipality’s sanitation department a planning and control tool for every phase in the waste collection process. It enables employees to view in real time the waste collection, receive alerts, predictions and visual access to data collected over time and all, whilst taking into consideration various operational constraints such as holidays, sabbaticals, congestion hours and more.

System specifications:

  • IOT based management system
  • Creating and updating collection route dynamically and according to inpt from the field
  • A sensor network monitoring bins volume and temperature
  • Receive indicators and alerts in real time (volume, temp., location)
  • Various statistical reports
  • Navigation application for the truck drivers
  • System

System benefits

  • Improving service level for citizen
  • Transparency and control of waste collection process
  • Streamlining and saving the waste collection process
  • Control of data