Company name IPGallery

The product CityWhole Website

IPgallery is a System House, specializes in design, development, implementation and deployment of real time IoT AI/ML data-driven Smart City and Urban Mobility solutions along with Professional Services and expertise in Big Data.
Founded by Mr. Avihai Degani (ex-8200) and Ms. Michelle Specktor (ex-Mamaram). Company’s Professional Services include consulting services, project management, Big Data expertise, software development, software integration and customization.
Company’s Technical Solutions combine of real-time IoT and Data Gathering Platform, main operation Command & Control Center consisting of an interactive dashboard visualizing real-time data and AI/ML predictions, allowing for the ad-hoc or automated Action Plan executions, supporting Privacy and the full life cycle of data.
IPgallery provides robust Big Data analytics, predictions and reporting tools and Sentiment Analysis. Offered Urban Mobility Services include Traffic Management, Parking Management, Pedestrian Safety, Shared Mobility, and Public Transportation.
Our Apps include 1) Personalized Mobility App that is an inclusive app for all mobility needs in an urban environment, including Traffic and Route info, Parking availability and predictions, Shared Ride (Cars, Bikes, Scooters etc.), Public Transportation, and Park & Ride; 2) CityApp that is one app for all cross-vertical Smart City services and Citizen centric services including Public Safety, Environment, Mobility, and Citizen Engagement.