Company name Pumba Parking Ltd.

The product Pumba Website

Pumba develops cutting-edge technologies for real-time parking monitoring, utilizing artificial intelligence, deep learning, and image processing. Among the company’s products, you can find:

1. A mobile application for logistics drivers, providing a convenient and user-friendly experience based on location, enabling real-time searching for available parking and loading zones.
2. A feature in the mobile application that allows users to reserve parking and loading zones for specific durations.
3. An affordable IoT sensor for real-time parking monitoring based on image processing, requiring minimal operation and maintenance.
4. An AI-based algorithm for real-time parking detection and monitoring.
5. Control software that presents metrics and statistics on parking utilization, turnovers throughout the day, real-time usage, and other relevant information.
6. Alerts regarding vehicles parked in prohibited parking and loading zones, according to municipal regulations.
7. Our real-time parking navigation mobile application empowers drivers in their quest for available parking spaces, delivering a user-friendly and efficient experience that enhances traffic flow and maximizes their chances of finding parking.

The application grants drivers immediate access to thousands of parking spaces monitored by Pumba, prioritizing spots with higher likelihoods of successful parking. It allows users to define their search radius, conduct dynamic parking searches, and provide information on allowed parking hours in blue and white zones and available parking and charging spaces. Real-time alerts about parking availability are also offered, ensuring a smooth and seamless parking experience. Additionally, the application boasts a convenient and streamlined interface compatible with leading navigation applications worldwide, including Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps.

Currently our solution is deployed in Tel Aviv-Jaffa