Company name Ayala Water & Ecology Ltd

The product The Natural Biological System TM (NBSTM) Website

Blue-Green Urban Passive Infrastructure – Nature based Sustainable Solutions for Cities – Rapid urbanization and population growth and lacking of proper infra-structure to match it affects global economic development and human well-being.

Economic activity in cities depends on the secure supply of ever growing amounts of water, making sustainable management of water a must. The current technological options harness within environmental problems due to their excess use of, and dependence on, energy and chemicals.

Urban centers are significant contributors to Global Warming The need of the hour is a change of approach to cope with the negative water balance, pollution of natural water sources, increased floods, air pollution, growing use of energy, heat sink phenomenon and loss of quality of life in urban settings.

Ayala’s Natural Biological Technology, the NBSTM, is a game changer, providing an onsite, holistic, sustainable (and self-sustainable) solution. Designed as an integral part of the urban green landscape it is a multifunction system that simultaneously: treats wastewater; recharges aquifers ; harvests and treats urban storm water run-off ; prevents floods ; acts as green lungs and; reduces energy needs while eliminating failure-prone piping all at once. A breakthrough for urban development, it dramatically reduces operating costs associated with both the water and energy sectors, “breaking” the Water-Energy Nexus and providing a cost effective solution by using no Energy, no Chemicals and no skilled manpower for maintenance.

The technology – The Natural Biological System NBSTM The NBS™ is a Hybrid system that relies on Thermodynamics, engineered with a combination of biotic and abiotic components selected for their physical and chemical properties, supported by varying internal hydraulic layouts, wherein the functions of settling, clarification, biological removal, contaminant inactivation, and filtration occur simultaneously. By using natural laws and forces it does not create “resistance” or “by-products”. The NBS is also a ‘Social’ technology, providing “Active Landscapes” and reducing to a minimum air pollution and carbon footprint.

The financial, operative and social significance of the NBSTM for Smart Cities include:

  1. Huge savings in wastewater infrastructure: piping, pumping stations, new treatment plants
  2. Significant savings in O&M costs (over 80% reduction): no need for energy, chemicals or skilled manpower
  3. Saving cost for irrigation water for green landscape maintenance through reuse of water
  4. Rejuvenation of aquifers and increase in “water security” for the local population
  5. Dramatic Reduction in air pollution and average urban temperature
  6. An active urban “green forest” for trading in the international market (carbon trading)
  7. Increase in quality of life and demand for residential accommodation in such spaces
  8. Reintroducing nature into the urban landscape while creating beautiful, dynamic surroundings, with low maintenance costs compared to conventional gardening costs

The technology has been designed and implemented in a large number of spaces in the world and in Israel , urban, industrial and agricultural such as: Ganei Tikva, Tel Aviv, Yavne , Neot Smadar (Israel), Nice-France. India – New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai. Campeche-Mexico .