Company name Class.Me

The product Class.Me Website

A mobile platform that offers educational communication a social learning center and virtual classroom in every student’s pocket.

We are Class.Me, the app that connects students, teachers, and educational environments, creating the first shared, virtual learning experience. Not only does Class.Me allow students to discuss and enrich each other in virtual classrooms, but it also gives students extra support with lessons from professional tutors at an affordable price. We help teachers and administrators dissect each student’s learning level, allowing all students to reach their highest potential.

Our Vision: To be in the pocket of every student in the world.

When you think learning – think Class.Me!

The solution is implemented throughout Israel. Works in about 150 schools, in several municipalities and local authorities, including several projects with the Ministry of Education and institutions of higher education (universities and colleges). It also works with several U.S. schools, in New York and Los Angeles.