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“With” is a company that works with local authorities and organizations to enhance social involvement, public empowerment, and resilience within the community. It provides its customers with advanced community-based technological solutions for the administrative challenges of registration, payments, ongoing communication, data management, and data-based insights. The company’s vision is to allow maximum flexibility and independence in shaping the community’s character and activity while creating social value and a network of communities that support and learn from each other. The similarity between the customers permits profound understanding, constant improvement of the product and the team, and knowledge sharing between the different communities.

The solutions that with offers enable authorities to tackle social, environmental, and economic challenges that cities and authorities face in a new, flexible, and fast-changing world. with works with over 200 communities in 40 different local authorities nationally and globally and with a variety of associations and organizations. Therefore, the platform provides various services and solutions, from smart management of classes and events to efficient registration for different activities and even classifying and preparing infrastructure for emergency responders. Authorities reported a significant increase in the involvement of residents, satisfaction rates of young people living in the city, and a substantial reduction in loneliness.

Moreover, the use of the platform fits any department that interacts with residents. This enables cross-department collaboration and optimization of processes linked to several fields.

The solution is implemented in different municipalities, such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Ramat Negev, Bat-Yam, Akko, Herzliya, South Hasharon, Sha’ar Hanegev, Hof-Hacarmel and Daliyat El-Carmel.