Company name SayVU

The product SayVU Website

SayVU has developed a unique technology, supporting a modern digital communication system based on cellular and internet infrastructures.
The system supports all the emergency solutions needed for lifesaving functions and the remote monitoring and control of individuals and groups safety needs at any time of any emergency event.
The SayVU system enables the monitored users to notify and send alarm indications on any security brake and the emergency case they pass through.
SayVU can locate a user inside a building with the precision of a room and a floor (indoor positioning). It supports immediate notification of the event to the SayVU system emergency situations monitoring center, that analyzes associated risks and creates an effective reaction to quickly solves the crisis through the assistance of first responders forces.
An important feature in our system is “mass notifications” that can be activated to all the application holders or to a specific area. For example, in the case of earth quack or in case of a dam collapse, we are able to notify everyone who has our application in this specific area to evacuate himself
SayVU provides integrated solutions to companies, municipalities, and organizations to survey, remote control and create efficient solutions to every emergency event of their employees and citizens, located in any remote and geographically distributed locations.