Company name Ramdor

The product Ramdor Website

Ramdor leads the technology and professionalization trend of the engineering project management industry with a joint and up-to-date management solution software, control tools, and targeted communication and information sharing.

The Ramdor system is a convenient and friendly cloud system with a rich set of tools for all parties in the project from the planning stage to the end of the tenant’s engagement.

Ramdor invests in innovation and promotes tools and solutions that are appropriate for the “new engineer” – field reporting tools – through apps, BI smart dashboards, BIM tools that enable collaboration on the 3D model and smart objects that enable efficient work on the 3D module.

Ramdor is deployed at Jerusalem, Netanyam Haifa, municipalities, Mateh Binyamin council, Finance Ministry – Accountant General, Holon municipality development corporation, Modi’in municipality development corporation’ Beer-Sheva municipality development corporation and more.