Company name Nikudu

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Nikudu helps your child acquire reading Nikudu is an interactive, body movement-based computer game for reading acquisition, supported by a broad body of research. The game is based on martial arts; every movement in Hebrew is represented by body movement, and thus, through progress from belt to belt, the children acquire reading skills. Thanks to the combination of movement, play, and physical activity, Nikudu successfully supports existing teaching methods and increases motivation for various populations. It works great in special education, regular education, and for children who have difficulty acquiring reading skills in traditional ways.

The Nikudu system was developed with the support of the Ministry of Education, so the game itself is given free of charge to all Israeli children. Outside Israel, payment may apply. Nikudu is currently being expanded to other languages. We at Nikudu hold a variety of training workshops and support sessions for teachers and schools.

In addition, there are several complementary activity kits that can be purchased on our website.

The solution is deployed in various municipalities in Israel, such as Beer- Sheva, Jerusalem, Majdal- Shams, Tiberias, Afula, Yokneam and the Golan heights.