A digital gate to the municipal world

Are you involved in developing technology for local authorities?
The place to reach your target audience Be part of the toolbox of solutions for local authorities MiC is the place to showcase your technology

The Innovation Center offers a platform for companies and developers of technological solutions, ensuring that you reach your target audiences.
The Center for Municipal Innovation hosts an advanced website which is available to the public and aimed in particular at various target audiences , which includes leading technological solutions to a variety of challenges faced by local authorities, and provides inspiration for the decision-makers in the various organizations throughout Israel. As well as providing digital information, every year the center hosts hundreds of mayors, department heads and other influential people, introducing them to a world of knowledge and a taste of the future made possible by technology.

Be part of the technology solutions team

In the visitor center and our digital solutions gallery, we have a display of over 100 different smart solutions, including:

What can you gain from partnering with MiC?

There are many benefits for companies and organizations working with MiC including

  • Extensive exposure to relevant target audiences in Israel and around the world
  • Digital and practical presentation of your technology solution digitally at the Center for Innovation
  • Participation in seminars, webinars, meetings and workshops alongside relevant officials and decision makers in local authorities
  • Introducing technological innovations directly to local authorities


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